Hello I’m Lyn Crabtree, The Nashville Traveler founder and operator.

I live in beautiful West Nashville. As a life long traveler, I  am proud to have visited 48 states, with plans to visit the remaining two very soon (Hawaii and Oregon, if you are curious). My parents who have inquisitive traveling souls, instilled early in my life, the value of traveling. Mom has never met a road trip she didn’t love! I truly believe traveling is the best way to learn about your world and neighbors, no matter how many states or counties away they might be.

As a born and raised Nashvillian, a rare thing these days, I went to the University of Tennessee, where I received a degree in Architecture. For more than 15 years I worked as an Architect on some of Nashville’s most exciting building projects. All the while I spent my spare time researching and planning my next trip. My zeal for travel was quickly recognized by my friends and family who began requesting advice and assistance in their getaways. Soon they were recommending my services to all of their out of town friends who were making plans to visit Nashville.

Being an architect has given me an extra level of knowledge and an eye for detail when recommending hotels and restaurants just for you, whether you love cozy romantic bed and breakfast cottages or lean towards ultra modern contemporary hotels.

Traveling should be fun, not the stressful ordeal that family vacations have become. I have made it my job to make your Nashville getaway, the best travel experience you have ever had. My passion is to provide you with the very best of what America’s Music City has to offer. I am truly grateful for all my clients and look forward to exceeding all of your expectations.

The Nashville Traveler is for you if….

– Your top priority is to simply RELAX.

– You want an expert to take care of all the travel details and the headaches that go with them.

– You are one of the many people who see taking a vacation as a way to rejuvenate and counter stresses of everyday life, but avoid taking off or exploring new destinations because travel planning in itself is STRESSFUL.

– You want to use you precious time off in the most  productive way possible. i.e. avoiding the tourist traps.

– You don’t have time to plan the trip that will provide a lifetime of memories and highlights sure to make you brag to your friends back home.

If you are ready to get going, I’m here to get you started having fun partying in the world renowned lower Broadway HonkyTonks,  enjoying Nashville’s most talked about restaurants, and to just relaxing while soaking in Southern hospitality we are famous for.

Let The Nashville Traveler plan your getaway!