The Nashville Traveler is dedicated to providing the most personalized Nashville and middle Tennessee experiences. Whether your are looking for a romantic getaway with your significant other, a fun bachelor / bachelorette party weekend, or just looking explore all Nashville has to offer, The Nashville Traveler is here to enhance your getaway with “local” knowledge.

The typical traveler spends 20+ hours planning and researching their next vacation.

What makes The Nashville Traveler different from other travel companies?

My custom arrangements are designed with your personality in mind and always include the finest lodging, first class dining, and exceptional entertainment, making each moment an unforgettable experience. My clients receive the advantage and benefit of my years of knowledge and insider expertise. From the best restaurants, nightlife, and shopping to an array of unique activities, The Nashville Traveler brings its clients and unsurpassed wealth of knowledge and creativity.

I provide my clients with the benefits of a traditional travel agency, in addition to superior “local” insider knowledge.

Who benefits from using The Nashville Traveler?

The Nashville Traveler is most helpful to to those people who have limited time to research and plan every detail of their travel and events, who want something that is beyond what can be found on the typical national travel sites. People who simply want to make the most out of their time away from home. My clients value quality, service and the benefit of having “local” knowledge on their side.

To what extent is client-interaction online and what is the role of the website?

All planning and bookings will be done over the phone and / or through email in order to ensure my clients are afforded personal service at all times. The Nashville Traveler website is simply to be used as a guide, informing my clients of the services and experiences that can be provided.

What does The Nashville Traveler charge for its services?

Reserve Airline Tickets: $35 per round trip ticket
Complete Travel Planning: $150 per person

Complete itineraries include:

Accommodation reservations at a hotel / bed and breakfast best suited for you and the occasion.
All transportation (if required). Rental car / limo service if you will not be driving to Nashville.
Entertainment and activity recommendations / booking to match your lifestyle and interests (tickets when required).
Restaurant reservations, selected to give you the best meal for your palette.
Activity bookings to match your lifestyle and interests.

My reputation is exceedingly important to me, I want you to be happy with my services.